I Despise Discrimination, But It’s Time To “Cancel” Blatant Stupidity

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good political debate, but not at the expense of respect

And it’s not escaped my notice that political spats are more frequent between middle aged folks like myself, possibly for the following reasons:

The biggest problem, however, is we stop listening to others

Countless times, I’ve had to listen to some idiot make sexist comments in front of me when they know my views about feminism. And when I dare to argue back, instead of pursuing a respectful discussion, they backtrack with platitudes like “I was only joking” or “I was having a laugh.”

‘The world has gone mad,’ they say… as if greater compassion, equality, and progress in science are bad things

Our frustration with the world is mutual. I get as irritated as the next person when things don’t go my way. Thanks to menopause, I have an embarrassingly short fuse when it comes to people who walk slowly along footpaths, neighbours who fire up their leaf blowers before 8am on the weekend, and hospitality workers whose service is slow. And don’t get me started on people who refute scientific evidence.


Are these people threatened by equality, or just desperate to remain in their vacuum of privilege? Would one of them please educate me about a) the benefits of hating on people for no real other reason than their difference, and b) the ways equality and social inclusion actually affect their lives.

There was a time when I believed everyone had a right to an opinion…

But not when it comes to the kind of ignorance and filth spread by religious nutters and conspiracy theorists about proven FACTS — like different gender identities, climate change, and life-saving vaccinations — which have the potential to harm others.



Blogger, writer, mental health campaigner, who dreams of being a published author and making the world a happier place.

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